Flextec and the Stainless Steel
Flextec was established in 1991 as a niche supplier of highly specialized stainless steel enclosures. We have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for our production and organisational structure, aimed at maximizing efficiency and functionality, as well as striving to reach superior quality in all our products through constant research, in order to always attain higher qualitative and technological. For These reasons, each item that leaves our factories is always a guarantee of precision and reliability.
Our dynamism and inbred tendency for technological and qualitative growth has led us to open our doors with determination to a global market logic, but, without losing sight of our flexibility and evolutionary spirit.
From big numbers to small series, all processes are monitored accurately by in-line numerical and dimensional controls on 100% of our production followed by frequent laboratory tests carried out on samples. It is the product's performance that proves the validity of the way it works.
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