Our products
Flextec offers a line of stainless steel enclosures and accessories in small, medium and large sizes for automation control and for encasing electrical and electronical devices. Our products will protect your electric and electronic systems both in indoor and outdoor settings, and especially in highly corrosive environments, thanks to our experience and commitment to designing systems that meet the highest quality standards.

Stainless steel, well-know for its strength and solidity, thanks to the materials used in its production (nickel, chrome, titanium, ect.), better withstands corrosion from the elements and other corrosive agents. To this material, we have added research and design to guarantee a high level of protection in particularly difficult environments.

When you choose Flextec, you can rest assured that you will always find the solution to any requirement in terms of flexibility, protection and product life span. We offer you a range of products and services developed to satisfy your application needs for electrical distribution systems and automation, such as control and distribution panels, cables and wiring, pushbutton and switchgears, specifically designed for the fields of factory automation. And if you cannot find what suits your needs, we will design it for you with the most advanced technologies, offering you all-round direct interaction with our design department who will work towards satisfying, maximizing the value of your project.

While designing and certifying our products, we followed norms CEI EN 50298 and CEI EN 60529 with reference to protection degree IP65 and relevant functional characteristics.
Technical notice: correspondence to the applicable norm safety requirements is under the responsibility of the final producer of the electrical enclosure.
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